10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Or, “How To Find The Wedding Photographer Of Your Dreams”

Blimey, hiring any sort of professional is a minefield, isn’t it? Let’s say your car breaks down – how many of us (a) know exactly what’s wrong with the car, and (b) who to ask regarding how to fix it? Also, how do you know what questions to ask, to ensure you’ll receive good value for money and a repaired automobile?

Like I said, it’s a minefield…

Hiring a wedding photographer is no different – it’s a sizeable investment for our service, so it’s good to know exactly what it is we do, and exactly what you’ll receive for your aforementioned investment.

1) Why should I hire you above other wedding photographers in Kent, and what can I expect once I hire you?

The best way to answer this question is to look at my highlights reel (as I like to call it) as well as full weddings from start to finish, and if my style of photography is what you’re looking for we can schedule a time to meet up. There’s no obligation at this point – simply a chance to pop the kettle on and interrogate me regarding all facets of the service I offer. I’m happy to meet up a number of times if it means your mind is at rest regarding your investment.

Meeting up is really important! I need to find out as much information as possible about you – how you met, what happened with the proposal (was it heart-melting or toe-curlingly embarrassing?), how you love to spend your free time, what you’re looking forward to most about your wedding, and so on and so forth. I need to find out what floats your boat, because your wedding day is about YOU, not me!

Also, I need to make sure we’ll be a good fit – for example, you might think that my sense of humour is…erm…an acquired taste, shall we say (which is ridiculous, because I’m BLOODY HILARIOUS). On your wedding day I’ll be with you for around 8+ hours, so we really need to make sure we’ll get on beforehand 🙂

Once you decide to work with me, you can expect:

  • As mentioned above, lots of pre-wedding meetings or calls! I want to be sure that you’re totally comfortable with the service I offer. Also, I need to know timings / exactly what’s happening during the day and when, to ensure I capture all the important aspects of the day (and more)
  • You won’t even know I’m there – I prefer to blend into the background and photograph events as they unfold. Most clients often say that they forget I was actually at the wedding, which is exactly what I’m aiming for!
  • Continued support and contact – let’s say you decide to order another wedding album for a family member a year after your wedding…no problemo!

Morden Hall Wedding

2) Can you guarantee my wedding photographs will be absolutely amazing?

Yes I can! That’s why I have a 100% guarantee – if you’re not absolutely and ridiculously thrilled with the service and photographs I provide, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you are.

Have any of my couples ever not been completely and utterly thrilled? Nope. Will you be completely and utterly thrilled? Why, of course!

3) Why is wedding photography so expensive?

This is a question I hear a lot, and it’s a valid one. After all, most people think that wedding photography is an easy gig, and only involves pressing a button for a few hours.

Ah, if it only it were that simple. Here’s a brief overview of what’s involved:

  • At least two meetings (often more) to discuss timings, desired photos etc
  • Extensive photography coverage, lasting at at least 6 hours (and often longer). Only one break during the day for food, but on my feet taking photographs for the rest of the day
  • Taking beautifully composed and lit photographs using years of learning and experience. As good as digital cameras are, they still can’t find great light, compose photos or capture key emotional moments without human intervention
  • Editing and polishing around 400+ final images that capture the essence of your day
  • Designing a wedding album, ensuring the photos flow naturally and tell the story of the day
  • Delivery of photographs to client

If you’d like to know more, check out my article Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

4) Do you have lots of satisfied clients and glowing testimonials?

I certainly do, and I pride myself on it. If you navigate through my site you’ll see lots of lovely quotes from happy clients on each page, and this is perhaps my favourite testimonial of all, from Holly & Rich:

“We think that having your wedding photos taken by Dan is like seeing your wedding day through the eyes of a friend.”

Do excuse me, I seem to have something in my eye *sniff*

5) What’s “Shoot and Burn” photography, and why don’t you offer it?

Shoot and burn is the process of capturing a wedding and burning all the images to a CD / DVD without any processing. It doesn’t involve correcting any funky colours (green people from sun bouncing off grass onto their faces for example), removing distracting elements (fire alarms / extinguishers anyone?), and definitely doesn’t involve designing or creating a luxury photo album that you’ll treasure for the rest of your days.

6) Do I need a second photographer?

Well, technically you don’t need one, but think of all the moments that it’s impossible for one person to photograph. Let’s say I’m photographing a tight shot of your first kiss – it’s a beautiful, tender moment, but I’m not seeing how your guests are reacting. That’s the assistant photographer’s job. He or she is also taking wide shots showing off the magnificence of the church.

7) Do I need a pre-wedding / engagement session?

Once again, you don’t need one, but I thoroughly recommend you arrange and take part in one. Firstly, you’ll see how I work and just how hilarious I am (see above), and secondly, you’ll have the chance to become used to someone pointing a camera at you for hours on end (which is a bit weird I’ll admit, hence why I’m this side of the camera). You can read more about why you need an engagement session here.

Christ Church Erith Wedding Photography

8) Will you view the church / reception venue before the wedding?

Of course! I like to visit a month or two before to take some test images, so I have a good idea of what sort of lighting conditions to expect. It’s also a good chance for me to form a mental image of where you’ll be during the ceremony, and where I need to be to make sure I capture everything! Finally, it’s nice to say hello to people working at the church or venue, so they’ll be able to put a face to a name on the day itself.

9) Do you provide RAW files too?

I don’t, and my reason for this is explained here.

10) The final question!

So, what do I charge?

My all-day wedding collection starts from £1395, and that includes all of the digital files presented in a rather swish USB presentation box.

I also have a selection of beautiful wedding albums, a second photographer and engagement sessions too! You can read more about me here.

Better yet, call me on 07552 808289 or email me at dan@danbiggins.com and tell me all about your wedding!

I can’t wait to chat with you!

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