I really have to doff my cap to some people (I don’t have a cap as it happens, but if I did, I’d well and truly give it a darned good doffing in this instance).

Let me explain. The day I was due to meet Cressida and Josh was initially not a good one. It was cold. It was wet. It was dull. In fact, it really wasn’t conducive to a relaxed engagement photography session at all. I checked the weather forecast the day before I was due to meet Cressida and Josh, and sent them a text to let them know the weather wasn’t going to be great, whilst giving them option to postpone if they wanted to (which I probably would have done to be honest, if some crazy photographer had dragged me out into central London on a cold, rainy afternoon).

But no – they weren’t having any of it. They were keen. They were excited. They were absolutely lovely. At one point, my flash stand blew over and hit Josh squarely on the shoulder, and Josh said, “I was more worried about your flash to be honest!”

People never cease to amaze me with their enthusiasm and willingness to give something a go, so Cressida and Josh? I doff my imaginary cap to you both.

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