5 Tips to Look Great in Photos

Let’s face it, not everyone likes having their picture taken. The vast majority of us don’t look like Kate Moss or Brad Pitt, so naturally we’re reticent to be caught on camera. However, if you’re at a party or out with friends, and you just can’t avoid your friend and his / her smartphone camera, here are some tips to make sure you look your absolute best!

Don’t say cheese

You can’t force a smile, and believe me, it shows on camera if you try. When you smile, the muscles under your eyes naturally contract, so think of something funny, laugh with your friends or share a joke with the photographer. Your photo will look much better for it.

Eliminate the double chin

If posed incorrectly, it’s easy for even the thinnest person to look terrible in photos. To avoid the dreaded double chin, elongate your neck and push your ears slightly towards the camera. It’ll feel strange at first but you’ll look great, believe me!

Work out your angles

Standing straight on towards the camera is rarely flattering – for men it can work, because it accentuates the shoulders and as such can be considered a masculine pose, but for ladies it’s not preferable. Put your hand on your hip, cross your legs at the ankles and gently put your weight on your back foot, angle your body to the side and then turn your head back towards the camera.

Turn your back to the sun

This might seem counterintuitive but it works. When you face the sun you’ll automatically squint, but turning your back to the sun means you’ll be backlit, creating a more romantic feel to the photograph. There are two provisos to this – one, early morning or late afternoon light works best as it’s much softer, and secondly, the light behind you might fool the camera (it’ll think the picture is too bright and will automatically underexpose. Ever taken a snap of a friend when they’re sitting in front of a window, and wondered why they appear as a silhouette in your photo? Now you know).

Practice and relax!

If you need to, practice your posing in front of a mirror until you feel comfortable. Don’t forget to breathe, smile, relax and have fun!

Bonus tip – hire a professional

If you really want to look good in photographs, consider hiring someone with years of experience behind a camera, who can help you look amazing in every photograph. Now who could that be? Hmmm….

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