4 Websites to Help Grooms Write Their Wedding Speech

I like to think I’m a modern man (please, stop sniggering at the back). I can appreciate beauty in the world when I see it (and no, I don’t mean making somewhat inappropriate comments every time Holly Willoughby walks on the screen). I’m very much in touch with my emotions, and I’m not afraid to express them. For example, last week my beloved and I watched the Remembrance Day broadcast from the Cenotaph in London, and I’m not ashamed to admit I became very misty-eyed during the two minutes silence. I’ve  even been known to have the odd sniffle during heart-wrenching primetime television shows (such as Surprise Surprise, but only because I know that Holly will never be mine. Wail!)

Being a modern man also applies to weddings – traditionally, the bride would perhaps organise the finer details of the Big Day, such as the guestlist, where to buy the rings, the wedding stationery and so on and so forth. The groom’s role would be to (a) organise the stag-do and the stripper (b) ensure his bride-to-be never saw the photos of said stag do, and (c) turn up to church roughly on time on the wedding day. But oh, how things have changed, and rightly so. There are now a plethora of resources to help the groom chip in with the wedding organisation, and there’s a wealth of info to help him write his wedding speech as well. Here are four of the best sites out there:

The Man Registry

I find it impossible to read the title of this site out loud without resorting to a comedy East-End gangster voice (“The Maaaaaaaaaaan Registry!”) However, I can assure you that this site has nothing to do with dodgy goings-on in the Whitechapel area of London, but is a veritable smorgasbord of groom-related articles, such as what to look for when renting a tuxedo, how to buy an engagement and wedding ring, and even a guide to prenuptial agreements (for those of you with plenty of money, or perhaps more to lose than the rest of us). However, it’s the speech we’re specifically interested in, so follow the link below for more information:

Groom 411

To me, this sounds like the title of a particularly rubbish TV drama based around a groom working in the emergency services, where the main character isn’t very good at his job (i.e he’s a nurse and his patients keep popping off, he’s a fireman and is a poor timekeeper, so buildings have burned to the ground by the time he arrives etc). But hey, maybe that’s just me. Turns out, it is in fact an excellent resource to help grooms on their wedding day, even if they have nicked the design of their logo from the BBC. Naughty. Also, to be honest there isn’t actually a specific section related to the writing and making of a speech on Groom 411 (“Previously on Groom 411!”), but I’ve included it here so I could shoehorn in my somewhat pathetic analogy relating to an emergency service TV show. Sorry.

  • Groom 411


Now this is a bit more like it. Coming from a web design background, I can certainly appreciate the consistency and style this website possesses, and it’s literally jam-packed with all sorts of fantastic info. For example, there are ideas for organising the honeymoon, an article about wedding sex (which I haven’t read, honest. Ahem), and most importantly there’s a whole section dedicated to writing a speech. Phew.

The Groomslist

Another excellent groom resource, and the main headline that particularly grabbed my attention was, “Kanye West Is An Involved Groom – Are you?” The article also says, “Kanye Is Also Completely Doolally Bonkers, And That’s Why We Love Him!”*, which is fine by me.

*It doesn’t really.

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