Best Wedding Photography of 2018

Yes! It’s that time of year again where photographers the length and breadth of the land lay down their cameras, clamber up onto the nearest table and proclaim, “LOOK AT ALL THE AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHS WHAT I HAVE DONE THIS YEAR!”

And there was you thinking I was going to be different – hah! No such luck…

I’ll be honest with you – I only photographed a very select few weddings in 2018 (for one reason and another, that I won’t bore you with here), but 2019 is going to be exceptionally busy and 2020 is filling up fast (I still have availability for both, so please contact me asap so you don’t miss out! Plug over…)

I’d also like to thank all the couples I’ve worked with over the past twelve months. Without sounding gushy (get the tissues ready) you’ve all been utterly amazing and wonderful, and if I could I’d build a little house at the end of my garden so you could all live there and I could pop in now and again for a cuppa.*

So without further ado, here are my highlights of 2018. Bosh!

*This isn’t strictly true, but hopefully you appreciate the sentiment šŸ™‚

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