Brick Lane, London – Pre-Wedding Photography

Many years ago when I was a sad computer geek (not a lot has changed, to be honest) I used to work for a large digital design agency in Brick Lane. So it was with great joy I returned to Shoreditch and the surrounding area to photograph the gorgeous pre-wedding session of Rajvi and Preetesh.

Shoreditch has changed a lot over the years. It used to be…how shall we say…one of the less salubrious areas of London to frequent. Nowadays it’s full of hipsters (I really felt out of place, I can tell you), bohemian coffee shops and lots and lots of funky graffiti.

Rajvi and Preetesh looked completely at home here – not only are they both lovely, they were also extremely friendly and suggested some poses and locations too which always makes my job a lot easier. It also (hopefully) contributes to some fabulous photography.

So a huge thanks to you both – apologies for dragging you half way round London, and Rajvi, I hope your feet have recovered from all the walking we did!

Here are some of the best photographs from the session:


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