Bushy Park London Pre Wedding Photography

I like lists. In fact, I’m very good at making them. I don’t always read them after I’ve made them mind, but on the whole I find them useful.

For example, I have a list called, “Pre-Wedding Locations In London I’m Yet to Photograph At”. There are quite a few places on the list as you’d imagine (as London is enormous), including Bushy Park. I was aware it was adjacent to Hampton Court Palace (where I conducted a fantastic pre-wedding session earlier in the year), but I’d never experienced its wondrous tree-lined splendour. Until now, that is.

I met Victoria and Stefan late afternoon, and I could tell two things at that point. One, they were going to be lots of fun to photograph, and two, we were in for an unseasonably warm October pre-wedding session. And so it turned out…

The light certainly didn’t let us down. It was ridiculously lovely for the time of year, and Victoria and Stefan were both fantastic and open to ideas (and even made a few suggestions themselves, which always makes my job that little bit easier). We had lots of fun, the session lasted a lot longer than I’d planned (which is a good thing), and despite a minor painful mishap with my camera harness (which involved a small metal clip and a fleshy section of my arm…ouch…) everything went completely to plan.

Here are some of the best photographs from the session:

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