Winters Barns Wedding Venue

Winters Barns Wedding Venue

A truly historic venue…

Did you know that the gorgeous Kent wedding venue Winters Barns dates back to around 1660?

Did you also know that’s roughly the same time I started photographing weddings?

(Ho ho – apologies, just my little joke. I’m not that old…)

Anyway, Winters Barns has changed hands multiple times, but was finally purchased by David Jackson in 1989 and renovated to the magnificent venue it is today.

The first wedding to take place was back in 2007, and it was actually David’s daughter’s special day. The day was so wonderful that David decided to make the venue available for private hire so other couples could enjoy this fab location.

A very smart decision, if you ask me…:)

Click or tap on the photo of Jess and Kyle below to see the photos from their amazing wedding day at Winters Barns:

Hop Farm Kent Wedding Photography | Elaine & Luke

Hop Farm Kent Wedding Photography

Elaine & Luke

“Because when I look at you, I can feel it. And I look at you and I’m home.”

Okay folks, a starter for 10. Can any of you name the film the above quote is from? No? Need a little clue? Okay then, how about this – it doesn’t contain any human actors, or in fact any living actors. It also contains a shark, some seagulls and fish. Lots and lots of fish.

Yes – it’s Finding Nemo!

Of course, you’re all probably wondering what any of this has to do with Elaine and Luke’s wedding at Hop Farm, Kent. Well, you’ve guessed it – they’re both huge Disney fans. And Harry Potter fans too, as it happens.

They’re also two of the nicest, most down-to-earth people you’re ever likely to meet. We had a fantastic time a few weeks before in central London, capturing photos on their pre-wedding session and they were completely open to all of my ideas, including some of the more wacky ones (including wedging both of them into a red telephone box, which was so much fun I almost left one of my flashes behind before it was rescued by an eagle-eyed tourist).

Their wedding day at the gorgeous Hop Farm in Kent was also an inordinate amount of fun, due mostly to their relaxed nature, which in turn made my job a heck of a lot easier. So a huge thanks to Elaine & Luke, and thanks to all of the other suppliers who worked on their fab wedding. Here’s to many happy years of marriage together!

Thank you!

Danson House Bexleyheath Wedding | Grace & Phil

Danson House Bexleyheath Wedding

Grace & Phil

When I walked into Grace and Phil’s house for the first time, and was greeted by two beautiful cats and a plate with an enormous slice of cake on it, I knew we were all going to get along just fine.

And so it came to be. I know I’m prone to the odd bout of gushiness on here from time to time, and I know I say that every couple I meet are an absolute pleasure to work with (they are!), but Grace and Phil were something special. Apart from the aforementioned cats and cake (which meant I was deliriously keen to photograph their wedding before either of them had even uttered a word), once we’d started talking about their interests and their wedding, I was sold. During our chat we covered important subjects as (a) guitars, (b) rock music, (c) Foo Fighters, and of course, (d) cake and (e) cats. By the time I’d finished my mug of coffee and carrot cake I was ready to move in!

What a wonderful day their wedding turned out to be. Danson House is a spectacular wedding venue having originally opened in 1766, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. After the ceremony we all made our way down to The Boathouse, and everyone enjoyed fantastic food and drink before laughing and dancing the night away.

All that’s left for me to say is to wish Mr and Mrs Cicchillo all the happiness in the world for their married life together! A huge thanks to their family and friends too, who made me feel extremely welcome and made the whole day something to remember for many years to come.

Thank you!

Lympne Castle Wedding Photography | Fae & Lewis

Lympne Castle Wedding Photography

Fae & Lewis

I’ll be completely transparent with you here – Fae and Lewis didn”™t choose me for their stupendous wedding at Lympne Castle, Kent – I chose them. How so, I hear you ask?

Every year I run a competition on Facebook where a lucky couple wins their wedding photography. In all honesty, it”™s brilliant marketing for me – couples tend to share my post and comment with their details, telling me all about their story; how they met, how they got engaged, why they chose their venue, and so on and so forth. It”™s also (in my humble opinion), a brilliant prize to give away, as everyone benefits.

I accept that wedding photography can be expensive (due to it being a luxury item, along with the time involved, and not forgetting the skill of the photographer in capturing amazing photos in all manner of conditions, and fitting in and getting along with all the guests. Anyway, I digress”¦)

The bottom line is that it’s a really popular exercise – my photography is shared far and wide, other couples book me after seeing the competition on their timeline, and to top it all off a lucky couple receives their wedding photography for nothing. Woohoo!

This year, Fae and Lewis were that lucky couple.

To be a prizewinner, there are a number of criteria to fulfill. One, the story of how you met must be emotionally engaging and interesting. This is how Fae and Lewis met – a story of how true love always prevails in the end:

We met when we were twelve as we used to hang around together in a big group. We’ve grown up knowing each other and only catching up a few times a year as Lewis went into the RAF and did 4 tours of Afghanistan and moved to Scotland for work. Once he came home we started a relationship and 3 years later we have a lovely little baby and planning a wedding with all of our friends attending (from over the years of all hanging around together).

Secondly, the venue the couple are getting married at needs to be somewhere I’ve never photographed at before – in this instance it was the beautiful Lympne Castle in Kent, a medieval castle first built in the 11th Century. Amazing eh?

Finally, the couple needs to be really easy to get along with and up for a laugh, and Fae and Lewis are all of this and more. I met with them a couple of weeks beforehand for their gorgeous pre-wedding session at St Margaret’s Bay near Dover, and after that, I knew their wedding day would be something very special indeed.


The Old Kent Barn Wedding Photography | Katie & Jake

The Old Kent Barn

Katie & Jake

I”™m a great believer in “what you give is what you get”.

Take Katie & Jake for example. Pretty much the loveliest couple you”™re ever likely to meet, and two people who were an absolute dream to work with.

I often sit and imagine the kind of couples I”™d like to photograph, and everything I do is aimed at attracting these sort of people.

So whenever I talk to couples before their wedding, I”™m not only trying to find out what makes them tick (vitally important, of course), but also if they”™re the sort of people I”™d get along with.

When I met Katie and Jake for the first time, I knew their wedding was going to be utterly brilliant from start to finish.

And so it proved to be.

From the relaxed atmosphere when Katie and her bridesmaids were getting ready (I think I was more nervous than they were”¦), to the intimate ceremony at The Old Kent Barn, to the laughs we had with the smoke bombs (cheers Russell!), to the wild celebrations on the dance floor, through to Katie & Jake braving the tail end of Storm Hannah to allow me to take some gorgeous fairy light photos outside.

I”™d like to thank you both for being lovely, and to all your family, friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen for all being superstars throughout the day. Oh, and thanks to everyone for braving the cold during the group photos – very much appreciated!

Lovely Suppliers:

The Gardens Yalding Wedding | Alex & Alex

The Gardens Yalding Wedding

Alex & Alex

Another weekend, another ridiculously gorgeous Kent wedding with another ridiculously gorgeous couple!

Alex and Alex may share the same name, but they”™re two very different people – however, characteristics they definitely share include a large capacity to love, laugh and to have a ruddy good time!

Which is exactly what their wedding was, and then some. A ruddy good time. And a very good time indeed was had by all in the glorious surroundings of The Gardens in Yalding, Kent.

It”™s an absolutely beautiful venue which lived up to its name, filled with stunning flowers, trees and shrubs and thus provided the perfect backdrop to a perfect wedding day.

A huge thanks to both Alex”™s for being lovely to myself and Sian, and to all the gorgeous kids who chased us round for most of the day and photobombed at every opportunity (which in turn gave us the opportunity to take some fantastic, fun-filled photos!)

Lovely Suppliers:

Archbishop’s Palace Maidstone Wedding | Stephanie & James

Archibishop’s Palace Maidstone Wedding

Stephanie & James

Small, intimate, charming, full of love. No, I’m not talking about me (ho ho!), but the wedding of Stephanie and James at The Archbishop’s Palace, Maidstone, Kent.

The first time I popped over to meet Stephanie and James for a chat about their wedding, they plied me with lots of coffee and cake. You see, there’s a reason I frequently mention coffee and cake on here – I may be many things, but stupid isn’t one of them. 😉

Anyway, we spent a good hour chatting about their wedding plans (in between mouthfuls of cake), and as I drove home I knew their wedding day would be wonderful. Their ceremony at The Archbishop’s Palace was to include immediate family only, making it intimate and relaxed, followed by a marquee reception at the Bull Farm Barn in Cranbrook.

On the day itself, the weather was ridiculous (in a very good way), and Stephanie and James’ family and friends were wonderfully accommodating, making my job much easier. Also, the pizza was delicious – it’s not cake admittedly, but hey, it’s a very close second!


Archbishop’s Palace Maidstone Wedding Venue

Archbishop’s Palace Maidstone Wedding Venue

By the picturesque River Medway

If you’re looking for a gorgeous historical wedding venue, then The Archbishop’s Palace in Maidstone could be exactly what you’re after.

For example, did you know it was the residence of the various Archbishops of Canterbury in the fourteenth century? Nope? Well, you do now. 🙂

It’s also situated near the picturesque River Medway, and contains four ceremony rooms depending on the size of your wedding party (Warham Room, Solar Room, The Undercroft and The Great Hall).

Click on the photo to take a look at Stephanie & James beautiful wedding at The Archbishop’s Palace:

The Gardens Yalding Wedding Venue

The Gardens Yalding Wedding Venue

The perfect Kent country wedding venue for every season

Never has a wedding venue been more aptly named.

Basically, The Gardens in Yalding is, as you’d expect, a flipping huge garden where you can get married. But it’s oh so much more than that.

For a start, it’s absolutely beautiful. Secondly, it has a gorgeous gazebo slap bang in the middle of a set of circular hedges, which in turn are surrounded by small walkways, nooks and plentiful crannies where you can stroll, relax and lose yourself for the afternoon.

And it’s also where you can take lots of stunning wedding photographs, of course!

For the historians among you, here’s a summary of how The Gardens came to be (from their own website, before anyone accuses me of plagiarism / theft etc :))

The Gardens were originally created as a display garden for the Henry Doubleday Research Association, (now called Garden Organic). The 12.5-acre site was gifted, along with a sum of money from local organic farmers Donald and Pixie Cooper. The gardens opened to the public in 1995 and were once described as “among the most inspirational garden acres anywhere, for everyone” before finally closing in 2011.

Despite the efforts of volunteers, the gardens had fallen into disrepair and large areas were significantly overgrown. The new owners, bought the site in 2013 and have made a significant investment to restore and replant the gardens, following the original planting guidelines and with one of the original gardeners on hand to give advice to the team.

Click on the photo to take a look at Alex & Alex’s stunning wedding at The Gardens, Yalding:

The Old Kent Barn Wedding Venue

The Old Kent Barn Wedding Venue

Nestled in the countryside near Folkestone, Hythe, Ashford, Canterbury and Dover

Did you know the The Old Kent Barn won The National Countryside Venue of the Year in 2019, as well as being a three time Kent Wedding Venue of the year?

Well, you do now 🙂

This gorgeous venue is now in it’s twelfth year, and it’s one of the best (and friendlist) wedding venues I’ve ever worked at. The staff couldn’t do enough to ensure the wedding day went as smoothly as possible, and they also fed and watered me and the other suppliers as well.

Which is always good, as I tend to get grumpy if I’m not fed and watered 😉

Here’s a description of the barn, from The Old Kent Barn website:

“Set in an idyllic rural location, there are 2 barns on site; a purpose-built 110ft oak framed barn for indoor weddings and receptions and the original ‘Old’ barn for accommodation which was built over 225 years ago. The barns are set in manicured landscaped grounds and surrounded by picturesque Kent countryside making it the perfect backdrop.”

Click on the photos to take a look at Sinead & Josh’s and Katie and Jake’s gorgeous weddings at The Old Kent Barn:

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