Chelsea Old Town Hall Wedding Photography | Gracie & Jack

Love 1, Covid 0

You may have noticed that there’s a pandemic going around at the moment.

You may also have noticed that people are still being sensible and going about their daily business, that life goes on and, perhaps most importantly of all (to me anyway), people are refusing to let this infernal Coronavirus grind them down and are displaying their love (and defiance) by getting married.

I mean, how rock and roll is that?

Gracie and Jack are one such couple. As with many others who have been planning their wedding for a while, a lavish celebration was originally planned in France back in the summer, but Coronavirus very much put paid to that.

However, love always seems to find a way, so Gracie and Jack tied the knot with close family and friends present at Chelsea Old Town Hall.

Luckily for me they asked me to photograph the joyous occasion, and here are some of the best photos from the day!

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