Chilston Park Hotel Kent Wedding Photography

Felicity & Sam

Ah, there’s nothing quite like a Christmas wedding.

Okay, so technically Felicity & Sam’s wedding at Chilston Park Hotel in Kent wasn’t quite a Christmas wedding, due to it taking place at the tail end of November, but it was pretty darned close.

Anyhow, the hotel was adorned with Christmas lights, decorations and a magnificent tree, so that makes it a Christmas wedding in my book?

It’s a bit like the Die Hard argument – is it a Christmas film or not? I’ll leave you to look at the photos below and decide for yourself.

(Die Hard isn’t a Christmas film by the way, and I’ll happily discuss this with you over a pint).

Moving swiftly on. Felicity & Sam’s wedding was super special, super festive and ridiculously good fun, and here are some of the best moments from the day!

Wonderful suppliers:

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