Choosing A Wedding Cake: By KatyBakey

A little while ago I wrote an extremely handy guide to choosing your wedding supplier, containing interviews with some of the most talented people in the industry. One of the interviews was with Enfield cake designer Katybakey, and if you didn’t download the PDF you can do so at the bottom of this article.

So if you’re looking for a wedding cake, here are sage words of advice from Katy herself…

1) What are your top 3 tips for anyone choosing a cake?

  1. Think about the size of the cake in relation to the size of the venue, not just how many people you want to feed.
  2. Give your cake designer as much information regarding the rest of your wedding as possible so that they can match in the cake and pick up on the little details.
  3. Think about how much cake you actually need, how much other food is there in terms of puddings and sweets. This can also help when thinking about flavours.

2) What are the two biggest mistakes people make when choosing their wedding cake?

Not wanting to tell the cake designer what their budget is. There are many different ways of decorating a cake, different techniques that achieve a similar visual result can vary massively in cost. If your designer knows what your budget is they can help you create the cake you will love at the right price. Rather than just receiving a quote that is out of your budget and you thinking you will have to change your mind completely. The more information we have the more we can help you.

Thinking they have to come up with the design themselves. I find some brides assume that I just make the cake, that they have to pick one they have seen already so that I can then replicate it. This is not the case, in fact cake designers prefer not to make someone else’s design. The best cake is going to be one that has been designed for you, around your wedding and includes all the elements personal to you.

3) What’s the best or most unique thing about your service?

Although I make wedding cakes I also can do carved and character cakes. This means I can add in any unusual requests I might have from brides. I really can make you anything for your special day.

4) Any final thoughts…?

Make sure you research the previous work of your cake designer; if their cakes don’t look good in a photo then they aren’t going to get any better in real life. Someone will always put out their best work for you to see, so make sure you are happy they have enough examples to the quality you are happy with.

Vary the flavours of the tiers – your favourite might be coffee, but not everyone will like it.

And don’t leave the cake until the last minute, most cake designers are booked up in advance, and designing a cake does take time.

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