De Vere Selsdon Estate Wedding Photography

Grace & Craig

Before I photograph a wedding, I always know it’s going to be an absolute belter for a number of reasons.

This could include meeting the couple beforehand and discovering they have a great sense of humour. Or it could be that the venue is absolutely stunning, and you know the photos will be absolutely fantastic. Or, it might just be an unexplainable feeling in your gut, something you can’t put your finger on but you just know in your heart of hearts that the wedding day is going to be very special indeed.

Grace and Craig’s wedding were all of these things, and more. However, there was one element that sealed the deal for me.

All the table place names were related to the greatest football club the world has ever known (and ever will know), Liverpool FC!

Did you know they’ve just won a sixth European title? No? Well, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll tell you all about it šŸ˜‰

Seriously though, I had trouble tearing myself away from Grace and Craig’s big day – there was so much going on (all of it brilliant), and myself and my assistant Sian were made to feel like we were two wedding guests instead of photographers (we did do some work, honest..!)

So all that’s left for me to do is to thank Grace, Craig and all of their wonderful family and friends. And remember…

...when you walk through a storm, hold your head up high, and don’t be afraid of the dark…:)


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