Dulwich College Wedding Photography

Morag & James

Oh East Dulwich, how I love and miss thee. From your delightful park, to your bustling and boutiquey Lordship Lane (where I used to live, incidentally), to your most splendiferous pubs (I’m looking at you East Dulwich Tavern and especially The Plough, with your delicious Sunday Roast. Nom Nom). Most of all, how my heart still flutters and skips a beat at the mere thought of Dulwich College. That architecture. Those spires. The grandeur of it all…sigh.

So, imagine my surprise and delight when Morag and James, East Dulwich residents themselves, kindly asked me to photograph their wedding that was taking place at the aforementioned Dulwich College! Ooh! Not only that, the wedding reception was to be held in the East Dulwich Tavern on Lordship Lane! Woo-hoo! (To be honest, I’m not sure who was more excited – me or Morag and James? It was a close-run thing…)

It was a quite marvellous day, as you can imagine. The weather behaved itself admirably (a few spots of rain materialised as the Routemaster containing the bridal party pulled into the grounds of Dulwich College, but through squishing my eyes tightly shut and offering a prayer to the weather gods I managed to make it go away), and everything went incredibly smoothly from start to finish.

I’d like to offer my thanks to the following people that allowed me to capture the images below:

  • Matt from Salt Photography â€“ my able assistant, not only in lugging bags and flashes around, but in taking some quite wonderful photos
  • Sonia at Dulwich College, for showing me round the grounds and for talking me through the schedule of the day
  • The Lodge above The East Dulwich Tavern, for proving a fantastic wedding reception venue
  • Nicola, the makeup artist at Wedding Make Up by Nicola, for making Morag, her sister and bridesmaid Madeline and their Mum look even more gorgeous than they normally are
  • Traditional Travel for providing the Routemaster bus, and allowing me to take some photos on the journey from Dulwich College to the East Dulwich Tavern
  • The Fresh Flower Company for some absolutely stunning flowers
  • Finally, most thanks of all go to Morag and James. Thank you for a fantastic day, and I wish you all the happiness in the world and a wonderful future together.

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