East Dulwich Tavern Wedding Photography

Holly & Richard

In a funny sort of way, the process of photographing a wedding is a little bit like a relationship in fast-forward. How so, you may ask?

Well, there’s the initial meeting, the equivalent of your eyes meeting across a crowded room. This is where you chat over coffee to see whether you like each other, and whether or not you can work with each other. Then there’s the first date (engagement session), going steady (lots of emails before the big day to keep in touch regarding timings and so forth), and then the big day itself!

So it’s always a very bittersweet moment when I, as a photographer, visit my couples and present them with the final photographs from the day. There’s joy, certainly, as well as a few tears to remember absent friends, but then there’s the goodbye, when I leave my couples behind to spend the rest of their lives together in joy and happiness.

That’s exactly how I felt after I presented these photographs to Holly & Richard. They’d been absolutely wonderful throughout the whole process – from the initial meeting, to the glorious weather of the Peckham Rye Park engagement session, to the crafty pint and chat about the wedding day timings, to the wedding itself. As I walked away from their house after giving them their photographs, my heart felt a little heavy as our liaison had come to an end. However, I knew that even though our relationship as a photographer and couple may be over, their wonderful journey as Mr and Mrs Eldridge had only just begun.


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