The Gardens Yalding Wedding Venue

The perfect Kent country wedding venue for every season

Never has a wedding venue been more aptly named.

Basically, The Gardens in Yalding is, as you’d expect, a flipping huge garden where you can get married. But it’s oh so much more than that.

For a start, it’s absolutely beautiful. Secondly, it has a gorgeous gazebo slap bang in the middle of a set of circular hedges, which in turn are surrounded by small walkways, nooks and plentiful crannies where you can stroll, relax and lose yourself for the afternoon.

And it’s also where you can take lots of stunning wedding photographs, of course!

For the historians among you, here’s a summary of how The Gardens came to be (from their own website, before anyone accuses me of plagiarism / theft etc :))

The Gardens were originally created as a display garden for the Henry Doubleday Research Association, (now called Garden Organic). The 12.5-acre site was gifted, along with a sum of money from local organic farmers Donald and Pixie Cooper. The gardens opened to the public in 1995 and were once described as “among the most inspirational garden acres anywhere, for everyone” before finally closing in 2011.

Despite the efforts of volunteers, the gardens had fallen into disrepair and large areas were significantly overgrown. The new owners, bought the site in 2013 and have made a significant investment to restore and replant the gardens, following the original planting guidelines and with one of the original gardeners on hand to give advice to the team.

Click on the photo to take a look at Alex & Alex’s stunning wedding at The Gardens, Yalding:

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