Hampstead Heath, London – Pre-Wedding Photography

“Hi Dan! We have a grand idea of wearing Edwardian costume. Would that be weird? Is that too far out?”

This isn’t the normal kind of question I receive from my couples just prior to photographing their pre-wedding session, I have to say. However, this response filled me with enormous excitement – not only was I going to photograph Amy & Sam’s engagement session on Hampstead Heath, they were also going to wear Edwardian costume!

When I woke up on the morning of the session, the sun was ablaze in the sky and continued to burn brightly throughout the day, allowing me to capture some beautiful photographs. Of course, having a gorgeous couple standing in front of me didn’t hurt. Did I mention they were wearing Edwardian costume?

Edwardian costume!!

Ahem…anyway, whilst I was editing these photos, I lost track of the amount of times I uttered, “Wow guys, you look amaaaaaazing!” I think you’ll agree that they do. I mean, how many times will I be allowed the opportunity to photograph a couple in EDWARDIAN COSTUME!!!

Amy & Sam, you were absolute superstars on the day; especially as I dragged you for miles across Hampstead Heath, all the way from Kenwood House down to Hampstead Hill Gardens and Pergola. But boy, was it ever worth it…

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