Heacham Manor Hotel Wedding Photography

Charlotte & Joel

So there I was, talking about stock car racing to a random stranger in a Norfolk hotel bar. As you do.

“The weather out there is freezing!â€, exclaimed the animated random stranger. “I was supposed to be going stock car racing today, but it’s been cancelled…to be honest, I’m glad it has!â€

To say it was cold that weekend was perhaps the understatement of the year. On the drive to Heacham Manor I’d witnessed horizontal flurries of snow lashing across the motorway, so it was no surprise that Mr Random Stranger’s stock car racing meet had been kiboshed. Crazy really, considering this was March, and I’d seen some very confused daffodils at the side of the ride on my journey east, unsure as to whether they’d peaked too early by blooming in all their yellow magnificence.

On the morning of the wedding itself, another minor crisis emerged – Charlotte’s makeup artist had cancelled at the last minute due to illness, meaning she’d had to draft in an emergency replacement (who was utterly brilliant, it has to be said) The bridal party had made their way into Heacham to find a beautician, so Charlotte, the emergency makeup artist and myself relaxed and had a warming cup of tea to stave off the bitter cold.

It was that warmth that prevailed through the rest of the wedding day. In fact, by the time Charlotte and Joel had been declared husband and wife, everyone had forgotten just how chilly it was. There were no complaints, only laughter and good humour, and when I dragged the happy couple outside later that evening for a photograph outside the front of the hotel, not a word of disagreement was uttered. If Mr and Mrs Holmes-Darby were feeling the cold, they certainly didn’t show it.

So it just leaves me to thank Charlotte and Joel for being friendly, warm, helpful, accommodating and generally just ruddy gorgeous. Thanks must also go to the lovely bridal party, the groomsmen, and all their friends and family present on this most special of days.

Thank you!

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