"Dan was friendly, worked very hard and was unobtrusive throughout. We highly recommend him!"

Isobel & Tim

Wedding Photography Collections:

All the couples I photograph are different, and all have different tastes and requirements when it comes to the photography collection that’s right for them. That’s why I’ve created three wedding photography collections to choose from, all containing beautiful photographs and products you’ll want to treasure forever:

The Ultimate Collection:

As The Premier Collection below, plus:

  • Three duplicate albums (One 10” x 10“ & two 8″ x 8″)
  • 24” x 16” framed print
  • Presentation box of 50 matted 6” x 4” prints, ready for framing
  • Assistant photographer

The Premier Collection:

As The Digital Collection, plus:

  • Leather embossed album (10″ x 10″) delivered in presentation box
  • Presentation box of 10 matted 6” x 4” prints, ready for framing

The Digital Collection:

  • Pre-wedding photography session
  • All day coverage
  • 200 – 400 full resolution, print-ready photographs in USB presentation box
  • Online gallery to download photographs / order prints

When will I receive my photographs?

I’ll provide all photos within four weeks, although I often manage to deliver them to you before that. I’ll pop over to your house with a bottle of fizz to show you all your wonderful photos, as I enjoy meeting up again after the wedding to catch up and reminisce about all the wonderful moments from your big day.

How much?

Every couple I’ve ever spoken to are all looking for something completely unique to them, so offering a “one size fits all” price is impossible here. For full details of what I offer, please get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have regarding wedding photography, you'll find the answer here...

So you’re looking for a photographer to capture your treasured memories, but you have a few questions you’d like answering first. Well, let me put your mind at rest…

Why should I hire you to be my wedding photographer?

When you hire a wedding photographer, you need to be sure that (a) he or she can take great photographs, and (b) you’ll get on with them like a house on fire. My wedding photography portfolio hopefully demonstrates that I know what I’m doing regards to taking a fantastic photo, and my testimonials demonstrate that I get on well with my clients and provide them with a premium service they expect and deserve.

How come wedding photography is so expensive?

Wedding photography may seem expensive, but let’s look at what’s involved:

  • You’re hiring and trusting someone who has years of experience behind a camera to take photos of a very special one off event, and can capture fabulous images no matter how bad the conditions or quality of light are
  • Your wedding photographer also has experience of working with and organising large groups of people, and keeping his or her cool during a long day of photographing
  • After the wedding day has finished (let’s say around ten hours of photography), the photos will need editing and then polishing up, before being presented to you
  • Editing can involve selecting three to four hundred of the best photographs that tell the story of the wedding day, usually from a total of around three thousand photos taken on the day. This takes time
  • Once this premium group of photos have been edited, they’re polished up in Photoshop or similar image software. This again takes skill and can turn a good photograph into a fabulous one
  • Ordering a wedding album? This will need designing before being sent off to print, and this process can take up to two solid days
  • Once the photos have been processed, I present the images in person in the comfort of your own home

This process can take up to three weeks.

How long will you attend our wedding for? Will you disappear after the ceremony?

How very dare you! When you hire me, I’m yours for the whole day – from bridal preparations to just after the first dance (to capture some, erm, drunken merriment of course…!)

My Uncle Bob has a nice shiny new camera. Why shouldn’t I hire him and save some money?

No disrespect to your Uncle Bob, but can he take a sharp photograph in low light or when it’s pouring down? Can he organise large (sometimes tipsy…!) groups of people? Does he have total control of his camera so he’s ready to capture that special moment as and when it happens, not fifteen seconds later when he’s found the correct button and the moment has passed forever? How will Uncle Bob fare after he’s had three pints of Fosters and a sneaky glass of Lambrini..?

Are there any hidden costs you’re not telling me about?

Nope. After we’ve had a chat and decided exactly what you’re looking for, that’s it. No nasty surprises here! Please contact me for more info regarding my wedding photography collection prices.

How long will I have to wait after the wedding before I see my photographs?

I usually post a sneak peek up on Facebook / Twitter a couple of days after your wedding (just one image to whet people’s appetites), and I’ll present the photographs to you in person within two to three weeks max. Designing and printing wedding albums sometimes take a little longer, normally between three to four weeks.

Will we get to meet before the wedding?

Absolutely – you’ll be utterly sick of the sight of me before the big day! Seriously though, I like to meet at least twice before your wedding – once for the initial consultation to ensure we’ll work well together (i.e to make sure you like me and I like you..!), and then a longer chat a few months before the wedding to nail down timings – who’ll be where at what time, what photographs you’d like, and to finalise the flow of the day.

I hate posing for pictures? Will you be nasty and make me pose?

No no no! I prefer to stay in the background to observe and capture the love, laughter and emotions of the day, not spend hours making you feel uncomfortable. Most of the time you’ll forget I’m even there.

What style of photography do you offer?

This leads on nicely from the last question – I prefer to call it “documentary”. This doesn’t mean I’ll follow you round with a camera crew for a few days to find out what you have for breakfast (!), but I’ll stand in the background, observing and taking gorgeous photos of you, your husband / wife, friends, families and loved ones having a fabulous time.

I’m sold! How can I hire you?

Woah, hold your horses! Either give me a call on 07552 808289 (leave a message if there’s no answer, I’m usually out and about somewhere), email me at hello[at]danbiggins.com, or click on the button below!