Kemsing Engagement Photography | Chloe & Michael

I’ll be honest with you – couples don’t usually contact me about booking an engagement session.

Why is that? Well, two of my wedding packages contain such sessions (and it’s an option in the third package), so it’s usually something existing wedding couples partake in.

Don’t get me wrong – my couples always enjoy seem to enjoy meeting up for some photos and feel much more comfortable in front of the camera afterward (mission accomplished), but it’s not necessarily something they’d book out of the blue.

Chloe and Michael were one of the few couples who’ve contacted me about solely booking an engagement session, and I’m sooooo glad they did!

To say we had a laugh was a huge understatement. My assistant Sian and I met Chloe and Michael in their home village of Kemsing, Kent (how cute?), and proceeded to walk up a rather large hill (the view was so worth it), through fields, woodland, and bluebell groves, and captured some great moments along the way!

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