Lullingstone Park, Kent – Pre-Wedding Photography

Isn’t it funny how you can live in a certain part of the world, but be blissfully unaware of the beauty that’s literally on your doorstep?

When Hannah and Chris suggested we meet in Lullingstone Park for their pre-wedding photography session, I was intrigued. A few weeks earlier I’d visited Lullingstone Castle with my other half Bea, but someone didn’t read the website properly and failed to notice that the castle was closed on the day we visited (no names of course…okay, it was me). Instead of exploring the park, we decided to turn on our heels and venture into Eynsford, where we ensconced ourselves in the local hotel for lunch and a pint of real ale. Lovely.

However, none of that ultimately mattered in the end. Hannah and Chris were great fun (as was their beautiful dog Poppy who proceeded to slobber my face every time I tried to take a photo), and Lullingstone Park is stunning and definitely somewhere I’ll be visiting again in the future.

Here are some of the best photographs from the session – enjoy:

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