Lympne Castle Wedding Photography

Fae & Lewis

I’ll be completely transparent with you here – Fae and Lewis didn”™t choose me for their stupendous wedding at Lympne Castle, Kent – I chose them. How so, I hear you ask?

Every year I run a competition on Facebook where a lucky couple wins their wedding photography. In all honesty, it”™s brilliant marketing for me – couples tend to share my post and comment with their details, telling me all about their story; how they met, how they got engaged, why they chose their venue, and so on and so forth. It”™s also (in my humble opinion), a brilliant prize to give away, as everyone benefits.

I accept that wedding photography can be expensive (due to it being a luxury item, along with the time involved, and not forgetting the skill of the photographer in capturing amazing photos in all manner of conditions, and fitting in and getting along with all the guests. Anyway, I digress”¦)

The bottom line is that it’s a really popular exercise – my photography is shared far and wide, other couples book me after seeing the competition on their timeline, and to top it all off a lucky couple receives their wedding photography for nothing. Woohoo!

This year, Fae and Lewis were that lucky couple.

To be a prizewinner, there are a number of criteria to fulfill. One, the story of how you met must be emotionally engaging and interesting. This is how Fae and Lewis met – a story of how true love always prevails in the end:

We met when we were twelve as we used to hang around together in a big group. We’ve grown up knowing each other and only catching up a few times a year as Lewis went into the RAF and did 4 tours of Afghanistan and moved to Scotland for work. Once he came home we started a relationship and 3 years later we have a lovely little baby and planning a wedding with all of our friends attending (from over the years of all hanging around together).

Secondly, the venue the couple are getting married at needs to be somewhere I’ve never photographed at before – in this instance it was the beautiful Lympne Castle in Kent, a medieval castle first built in the 11th Century. Amazing eh?

Finally, the couple needs to be really easy to get along with and up for a laugh, and Fae and Lewis are all of this and more. I met with them a couple of weeks beforehand for their gorgeous pre-wedding session at St Margaret’s Bay near Dover, and after that, I knew their wedding day would be something very special indeed.


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