Making It All Worthwhile

I’ll be honest with you – sometimes wedding photography is hard.

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely LOVE photographing weddings (hopefully that comes across all through this website and via my photographs). Meeting clients, having a coffee with them (and occasionally a cheeky slice of cake too – mmm!) and then capturing their special day is a privilege, an honour and I really wouldn’t want to do anything else. However, there are times during a wedding when you’ve been on your feet for 10 hours, you’re gasping for a drink and your back is screaming blue murder at you. All you want to do is put your feet up and grab a nice glass of Malbec, but the first dance and cutting of the cake is yet to happen…

All this dissipates of course when my couples see their photos for the first time – all those hours running around with a bag full of heavy camera gear on a hot day become completely worthwhile. Especially when one of those couples sends me a card like this, which (I’m not ashamed to admit) brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Holly & Richard.

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