My Favourite Wedding Suppliers!

How I love being a wedding photographer! Not only do I get to meet lots of amazing couples who are deeply in love, but I also have the chance to meet and work with some incredibly talented people. These include dress designers, florists, cake makers, wedding planners…the list goes on and on.

I thought it would be nice to highlight some of them here, so if you’re in the process of planning your wedding please drop these guys a line – you’ll be thrilled with the service they provide, I guarantee it. Oh, and tell them I sent you…!


Lympne Castle

Looking for a gorgeous historic Kent venue to get married in? A venue that has been providing hospitality to nobles since the 13th century (blimey, and I thought I was old…) How about one that offers stunning views of the south coast? Well then, Lympne Castle is the venue for you!

Lympne Castle Wedding Photography

More info: Lympne Castle

The Old Kent Barn

Ah, here’s a lovely laidback venue for you. It’s a quiet, secluded venue surrounded by countryside, and did you know it’s been voted National Countryside Venue Of The Year 2019 and three-time Kent Wedding Venue Of The Year as well? Well, consider yourself educated! šŸ™‚

Special mention must go the staff of The Old Kent Barn, who insisted on shovelling food and drink down my gullet at every available opportunity. I will always love them for that.

Old Kent Barn Wedding Photography

More info: The Old Kent Barn

Danson House

An obvious choice for me, because it’s only a couple of miles from my house! Of course, that isn’t the only reason it features on this list. It’s an absolutely stunning building, and I had the pleasure of photographing Grace and Phil’s wedding there earlier this year. If you want regal splendour set in beautiful parkland, you won’t go far wrong with Danson House.

Danson House Bexleyheath Wedding Photography

More info: Danson House

The Keeper and the Dell

This secluded outdoor venue in Norfolk was a recent discovery for me, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I had the pleasure of photographing Mel and Ryan’s wedding there recently, and it truly was a day to remember. It’s nestled in secluded ancient woodland, so if you’re looking for a rustic, bohemian experience for your wedding day, contact Lolly and she’ll be more than happy to help!

Keeper and the Dell Norfolk Wedding Photography

More info: The Keeper and the Dell

Hop Farm

Did you know that The Hop Farm in Kent features the world’s largest collection of Victorian oast houses? Nope, nor did I until recently – every day’s a schoolday, innit? It was also a major supplier of hops to London breweries in the 19th and 20th century. Not that I’m paraphrasing this from their website at all, oh no…

The oast houses make this a unique venue, and on a blisteringly hot day this summer I had the pleasure of photographing Elaine and Luke’s gorgeous wedding there.

Hop Farm Kent Wedding Photography

More info: The Hop Farm

Heacham Manor Hotel

Another Norfolk venue for you, and one where I photographed Charlotte and Joel’s lovely wedding earlier this year. It was during that weekend when I had a rather surreal conversation with a local about stock car racing, but you’ll have to look at the gallery for more info about that…!

Rachel is in charge of organising weddings at Heacham Manor, so drop her a line and she’ll be happy to help. I’m also very proud to say that my photographs are featured on their website, and will also be used in their promotional material for the coming season.

Heacham Manor Hotel Wedding Photography

More info:Ā Heacham Manor Hotel

Wedding Dresses:

Victoria’s Bridal Boutique

As you can imagine, I’ve photographed plenty of beautiful brides over the years. I’ve also photographed plenty of beautiful wedding dresses over the years as well, and one wedding dress supplier crops up time and time again. They are the wonderful Victoria’s Bridal Boutique.

More info:Victoria’s Bridal Boutique

Makeup Artists:

Gemma Pass

I worked with Gemma on Katie & Jake’s wedding at The Old Kent Barn, and Gemma achieved the almost impossible – she made Katie (who was already beautiful)Ā even more beautiful. I’m not quite sure how she did it, but the fact she was friendly, professional and talented means that you should probably contact her to find out for yourself šŸ™‚

Old Kent Barn Wedding Photography

More info: Gemma Pass

Lydia Rae

I met and worked with Lydia on Hannah and Chris’s beautiful wedding at Chilston Park Hotel, and she’s extremely personable, friendly, and a whizz with a makeup brush!

Chilston Park Hotel Wedding Photography

More info:Ā Lydia Rae

Hayley @ Flame Beauty

I met Hayley earlier this year at Elaine and Luke’s Hop Farm wedding, and once again she was friendly, professional and easy to get on with. I find that the “getting-ready” stage can be a little tense sometimes, as everyone is filled with expectation and excitement about the day ahead. It helps when you’re surrounded by suppliers who calmly go about their work, and Hayley was calm personified!

Hop Farm Kent Wedding Photography

More info:Ā Flame Beauty

SJB Hair & Make Up

I have a confession to make. I’ve never actually worked alongside Sam and SJB Hair and Make Up. However! She kindly helped me out in answering some questions for my free wedding planning PDF (see that tab at the top of the page? You can download it there). Also, you’ll see the amazing work she does by visiting her website. Finally, I met up with her a while back for a chat about all things weddings, and she bought me a coffee and a slice of cake. Anyone who buys me cake automatically adopts legendary status…!

How to Choose a Wedding Makeup Artist

Make Up By Chloe

I recently met Chloe at Fae and Lewis’s wedding at Lympne Castle, and she was absolutely brilliant to work with. Fae looked stunning once Chloe had finished her handiwork (to be fair, Fae looked stunning before Chloe had started working, but looked even more stunning afterwards. Hey, you get the picture.)

Lympne Castle Wedding Photography


The Stylish Wedding Company

I’ll admit the word “stunning” is bandied around far too often these days, but when you see the flowers that The Stylish Wedding Company provided at Grace & Craig’s wedding at the De Vere Selsdon Hotel, only one word spring to mind.

De Vere Selsdon Estate Wedding Photography

More info: The Stylish Wedding Company

Stem Flowers

Mel & Ruairidh’s gorgeous wedding at Belair House may have been a few years ago now, but I’ll always remember the amazing flowers there. They were supplied by the lovely Ruth at Stem Flowers, and judging by her website she’s still providing stunning bouquets and blooms to couples all across the Southeast and beyond…

Belair House Dulwich Wedding Photography

More info: Stem Flowers

The Priory Flower Co.

I first met Beth from The Priory Flower Co. at Vicki and Rich’s King’s Chapel Amersham wedding, although she was actually one of the wedding guests. It was only after the wedding I discovered she’d provided the absolutely stunning flowers that adorned Vicki & Rich’s special day.

Kings Chapel Amersham Wedding Photography

More info:Ā The Priory Flower Co.


Another amazing wedding florist I had the pleasure of working with recently was Gwen from Bohotanical. I don’t know a lot about flowers, but I do know that the flowers she provided for Hannah & Chris’s wedding at Chilston Park were absolutely breathtaking. I mean, look at Hannah’s bouquet!

Chilston Park Hotel Wedding Photography

More info:Ā Bohotanical

Wedding Decor:

The Enchanted Wedding Girls

You know all those charming little details you see at weddings? Details that make each wedding utterly beautiful and unique? Dena at The Enchanted Wedding Girls specialises in the beautiful and unique šŸ™‚

I first met Dena at Candice and Simon’s fantastic wedding at Rowhill Grange, and was taken aback by her attention to detail. A photo of their work is at the very top of this page, and I’m also very proud to say that my photography is featured across the TEWG website too!

More info: The Enchanted Wedding Girls

Wedding Cake:


I have another confession to make. Yes, I haven’t actually worked alongside Katy at KatyBakey yet either. Well, I have, but not in a wedding environment…

A few years ago I used to work at a design agency with Katy, and one day she announced that she was leaving to make custom celebration cakes for various events and occasions. A slightly left-field turn of events, I’m sure you’ll agree. However, when she brought some beautiful samples in to work and we promptly devoured them in record time, we were more than convinced…

More info:Ā KatyBakey

Unique Cake Creations

Now this is what I call a cake! I had the pleasure of working with Jen on Fae and Lewis’s sumptuous wedding at Lympne Castle, and everyone commented how amazing the cake looked (before cutting it into chunks and devouring the whole lot. The guests, not me!)

Lympne Castle Wedding Photography

More info: Unique Cake Creations


RKN Aerial Imaging

To say that Russell is one of the most talented (and nicest) people I’ve ever worked with is a bit like saying, “Did you know the sun rises in the morning and then sets in the evening?”

I mean, talk about stating the flipping obvious.

To see some of his fabulous work, pop on over to his website pronto.

Russell Kent Nicholls

More info: RKN Aerial Imaging

Neil Sollis Productions

I met Neil at Elaine and Luke’s wedding at The Hop Farm, and discovered that he lives just down the road from me. Hi Neil! šŸ™‚ I also discovered that he’s a lovely chap, very easy to work with and his work is…well, it’s amazing, and I’m sure you’ll love this as much as I do…

Luke & Elaine

Highlights from Luke and Elaine's big day.Song copyright.Touch – Mattia Cupel

Posted by Neil Solliss Productions on Sunday, 24 June 2018

More info:Ā Neil Sollis Productions

Emmanuel @ Weddings Videographer

I worked with Emmanuel at Candice and Simon’s wedding, and as well as being extremely friendly and professional, he also gave me some great advice regarding Google Adwords. Cheers Emmanuel! šŸ™‚ He’s also ridiculously talented as his website will testify.

(Apologies Emmanuel – I’m unable to embed a video from your site šŸ™ )

More info:Ā Weddings Videographer


Neil Clement Magician

Last, but definitely not least, is the wonderful Neil Clement, magician extraordinaire. I had the pleasure of working with him at Grace and Phil’s Danson House wedding, and all I could hear as he was working the tables was gasps of amazement and shrieks of laughter. He’s an absolutely fabulous magician, so drop him a line now!

Danson House Bexleyheath Wedding Photography

More info:Ā Nicolas Clement

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