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Lucy & Matt

When I first met Lucy and Matt to chat about their wedding at Oakwood Weddings in Kent*, the conversation comprised of these subjects:

  • Music (8%)
  • Film (15%)
  • Wedding Photography (8%)
  • TV (18%)
  • Cats (14%)

As you can see, these are two people who clearly have their priorities sorted.

To be honest, as I drove down to Brighton to meet them, I thought to myself, “Right, I’ll find out a bit more about them, show them a couple of albums, take in a bit of sea air and I’ll be on the road again before you know it!â€

I didn’t envisage I’d be sitting on their sofa exclaiming, “OH MY GOD I LOVE DUSTIN TOO HE’S GREAT CRACKS ME UP AS WELL!!â€* for almost three hours.

So as the hours passed and we chatted about all the subjects above, and as the seasons merged into one another and my wife came to the conclusion that I’d either left her or was in fact dead, as it had been so long since she’d last laid eyes on me, I knew that in my heart of hearts Lucy & Matt’s wedding was going to be a f*cking riot.

And sweet baby Jesus on  bicycle, I wasn’t wrong.

So many highlights. So much laughter. Kim’s speech (I had tears in my eyes, just amazing). The gorgeous kids playing for hours on end. Jo, who just didn’t stop working all day. The venue at Oakwood Weddings (swoon). The weather (changeable, but hey, we coped). And the guests, each and every one of them.

And, of course, Lucy and Matt. You two were (and are) just bloody amazing.

*For those of you who don’t watch Stranger Things, what the hell are you playing at? Go and watch it. Now.


*Sadly, Oakwood Weddings is no more.

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