Peckham Rye Park Pre-Wedding Photography

Here’s a quiz question for you. What do you get if you combine (a) a picturesque London park (b) beautiful evening sunshine and (c) a gorgeous couple whose wedding you’re photographing later this summer…?

Hopefully the following photographs of Holly & Richard should answer that question for you! I had a great time photographing them, especially as the sun started to set and the photos took on a gloriously warm tone.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the Taittinger box and the Stephen King book in the picnic photos? Well, all is explained in Holly’s own words:

“So…on the day we got engaged we had a day exploring the Lake District then we had a picnic with me giving Richard grief as I was Hangry (hungry + angry). After the picnic we hiked to Sleddale Hall! Richard proposed šŸ˜€ We wanted to go for a fancy meal to celebrate but it was really late so we bought champagne and a takeaway curry from Asda instead! šŸ™‚

When I met Rich he didn’t read a lot of fiction but after bugging him for a while I managed to convince him to read the Shining as it’s my favourite book and I LOVE Stephen King. Only took Rich around 4 years to read it :-P”


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