I could feel the tension. Walking through the streets of Manchester, all eyes were on me – you could almost see the questions poised on people’s lips, waiting to fly forth in a venomous tirade. Just what was (a) a southerner, and worse still (b) a Liverpool supporter doing in Manchester?!

Thankfully, it was for one reason, and a very happy and joyous reason at that. It was of course to photograph the wedding of Kristal and Aaron – I’ve known Aaron for a number of years, and his Step Dad Paul is one of my dearest, closest friends  (who’s also a mean motorsport photographer and rally driver too, but that’s another story!) I was of course thrilled when Aaron and Kristal asked me to photograph their wedding, primarily because Aaron’s a top fella, and also because it was a chance for a Liverpool-supporting photographer to see how long he’d last on the streets of the northwest (I’m joking…I’m still here…!) Another reason is that Manchester Town Hall is a spectacular wedding venue, so for those reasons combined meant that it was an easy decision to make.

As for the day itself, it exceeded my expectations. You know how people sometimes trot out the cliché that people are generally friendlier up north? Well, in my limited experience that certainly seems to be the case – everyone at the wedding made me feel extraordinarily welcome, from Kristal & Aaron, their family and friends, and the staff at the Radisson Edwardian hotel where the reception was held (to say they couldn’t help enough was an understatement – huge thanks to you for looking after me during the day).

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