“Devon”, I thought to myself. “That’s full of trees, and grass, and that countryside stuff isn’t it? Hmmm, this should be interesting…”

That’s the trouble with London. You become accustomed to regular(ish) public transport, coffee houses and 4G mobile data. (You also become accustomed to traffic jams, trains not running at the weekends and rude people, but that’s another story altogether). What you certainly aren’t particularly familiar with are trees (unless you regularly visit one of the many parks) and definitely NOT the countryside.

So when Victoria and Ian asked me to photograph their wedding in Branscombe, Devon, I have to say I was more than a little excited. As much as I love London, any chance to escape it for a day or today is warmly embraced and extremely welcome, so I literally couldn’t wait to immerse myself in the Devon countryside, familiarise myself once again with trees and countryside and capture some beautiful photographs while I was there.

The day itself was very special indeed – the weather was glorious, the location was idyllic, and Victoria and Ian and all their friends and family were extremely accommodating and friendly, allowing me to concentrate what I was trying to accomplish behind the camera.

Oh, and I couldn’t receive a 4G signal while I was there, nor 3G or even 2G. In fact, my smartphone was so redundant I may as well have been cut off from the outside world altogether. But you know what? When you photograph a wedding as lovely as this, those sort of things really don’t matter.