You really have to love couples who decide to get married in a pub.

Not just any old pub of course. In this instance, Alex & Gary tied the knot at the magnificent Talbot Inn in Ripley, Surrey. Apparently, Lord Nelson used to stay there with his lady friend / mistress Emma Hamilton.

Also, it’s a pub that’s even older than I am (“impossible!”, I hear you exclaim). Anyway, the Inn dates back to 1453, which is just before Liverpool won their last league title if memory serves me correctly? Sniff…

The day didn’t start too auspiciously, if I’m honest. My car decided not to start, meaning I had to hastily jump in an Uber for the hour long journey round the M25 (and back), which wasn’t cheap. It was pouring with rain when I arrived at the venue to photograph bridal prep with Alex and her bridesmaids, and to top it all off I managed to break one of my light stands as well. Oops.

Talbot Inn Surrey Wedding Photography
Alex & Gary

Dan photographed our wedding day last month. He was an absolute joy to have there and the imagery is exactly what we wanted with a few mega surprise shots in there!

We met Dan before the big day and our main comment was we didn’t want to know he was there and wanted natural photographs of everyone enjoying the day with us. This is exactly what we got :)

Thanks so much Dan! We are so so so pleased with the photos!

In the end, none of that mattered.

I knew when I met Alex and Gary that the day would run smoothly, because they’re just lovely, laid-back people. As were their family and friends, who I laughed and joked with throughout the day.

So a huge thanks to you both for allowing me to share your wedding with you, and here are some highlights!