Another weekend, another ridiculously gorgeous Kent wedding with another ridiculously gorgeous couple!

Alex and Alex may share the same name, but they’re two very different people – however, characteristics they definitely share include a large capacity to love, laugh and to have a ruddy good time!

Which is exactly what their wedding was, and then some. A ruddy good time. And a very good time indeed was had by all in the glorious surroundings of The Gardens in Yalding, Kent.

Gardens Yalding Kent Wedding Photography
Alex & Alex

On our wedding day we honestly barely noticed Dan was there, he took incredible photos without us having to stand behind the camera smiling for hours on end. The photographs are so natural and just stunning!

It’s an absolutely beautiful venue which lived up to its name, filled with stunning flowers, trees and shrubs and thus provided the perfect backdrop to a perfect wedding day.

A huge thanks to both Alex’s for being lovely to myself and Sian, and to all the gorgeous kids who chased us round for most of the day and photobombed at every opportunity (which in turn gave us the opportunity to take some fantastic, fun-filled photos!)

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