Rowhill Grange Hotel Wedding Photography

Candice & Simon

Do you ever meet people who are so amazingly fit, healthy and gorgeous that you’re overcome with a pathological desire to drop everything and rush immediately to the nearest gym?

Normally, I don’t. In a past life I actually worked in a fitness centre for a few years (my waist size begs to differ, however), so these days I have an almost pathological desire to avoid gyms at all costs, if I can possibly help it. However, Candice and Simon aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill folks…

It’s fair to say that these guys have been on a very healthy journey over the past few years, and as a result they both look absolutely amazing. Weddings can be physically and emotionally demanding affairs, but by the end of day Candice and Simon had barely broken a sweat. Compare this to their erstwhile wedding photographer, who by the end of proceedings looked like he’d been dragged through a car wash sideways. Seriously, the whole situation was almost enough to force me to grab the nearest set of dumbbells and start lifting like a mad person…

I’d like to thank Candice and Simon for being amazingly warm and friendly towards me during their wedding, and to take on board ideas and suggestions for photographs that I had (although the less said about that can of Atmosphere spray, the better, eh guys…?!)

Thank you!

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