Bush Hill Park Golf Club Wedding Photography

Jodie & Ben

“All we want Dan is for you to capture everyone at the wedding having a great time. Would you be able to do that?â€

My first thoughts when Jodie and Ben asked me that question at our pre-wedding chat involved “Is the Pope…†and, “Does a bear…?â€, but as we’d only just met I thought I’d rein things in a little…you know, just in case they didn’t share my somewhat earthy (and occasionally bawdy) sense of humour.

I needn’t have worried.

You’re probably a little jaded from hearing me say the same things about all the couples I photograph, but it’s true – I really couldn’t have met a nicer, more down-to-earth couple than Jodie & Ben. I knew from the moment we sat down with a coffee together that the wedding was going to be a roaring success, and more importantly, it was going to have a laid-back relaxed vibe. Especially when I discovered that Ben was a fellow guitar player too, so naturally he was funny, charming, good-looking and talented (as all us guitar players are of course. Anyway, moving swiftly on…)

The wedding itself was at the Enfield Registry Office, before moving on to Bush Hill Golf Club for the reception. The great thing about having your reception at a golf club is that there’s plenty of space to capture some gorgeous photographs. Just don’t walk on the greens in your stilettos, and watch out for errant golf balls whizzing over your head. Apart from that, you’ll be fine…

I’d like to thank Jodie and Ben once again for being completely and utterly lovely, from our initial chat right through to the wedding itself. Hopefully their warmth and love emanate from the photos below.


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