Christ Church Erith Wedding Photography – Demi & Sean

There are a few things you must never do when meeting someone who plays rugby:

  1. Say, “Rugby? Nah, football’s more my thing!”
  2. Crack the old gag about rugby being played by men with funny shaped balls, and
  3. Mention anything that may upset them in any way shape or form, because they’re generally fitter, younger and bigger / stronger than you.

When I first met Demi and Sean to chat about their wedding, I thankfully managed to avoid all of those things (phew!) They were absolutely lovely, had just adopted a couple of cats (that automatically makes them wonderful people in my book), and were looking for relaxed, natural wedding photographs. Sorted.

This is the second wedding I’ve photographed at the magnificent Christ Church in Erith, and I’d like to thank Demi & Sean and all their family and friends for being great fun during the day!


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