How To Choose A Wedding Videographer

Time for another guest post, this time from Matt @ Matt Roper Films!

More and more of my clients these days ask for videographer recommendations, and I’ve worked with some extremely talented people over the past few years. Of course, you just can’t beat the still image, but I can see the appeal of video I suppose 😉

(I’m joking, before I start receiving sackfuls of hate mail from irate videographers!)

I recently worked on a wedding assisting Sian from SJC Photography, and Matt was the videographer. I thought it would be nice to ask him for his top three tips in choosing a wedding videographer, and these were his responses.

Take it away Matt!

1) What are your top 3 tips for anyone choosing a videographer?

i) Watch examples

Choose someone with the style and flow that connects with you. I’ve been told my examples have made prospective brides cry, which is why they booked me.

ii) Don’t leave booking a videographer until the last minute

Why? Because you’ll end up paying a lot more! We all have aspirations to earn a decent living, and as we get better with experience our prices naturally rise £1-200 per year. So book as early as possible, you could save £3-500 by booking 2 years in advance.

iii) Don’t worry about finding a local videographer

We’re all happy to travel!

2) What’s the biggest mistake people make when choosing their videographer?

Not sure I can answer that, but I’ll try!

When it comes to wedding videography, the biggest mistake couples make is not prioritising it as high as photography for example.

It’s a given that if your planning your wedding, you will 100% book a venue, buy a dress and book a professional photographer, but video is still considered a nice to have.

But, it’s also widely known that the thing couples regret most about their wedding is not having a video to relive their day.

3) What’s the best or most unique thing about your service?

I think the best thing about my service is the way I work:

  • I’m really easy to work with.
  • I’m responsive to messages.
  • When it comes to the shoot I try to build a working relationship with the photographers and become a team to ensure both the pictures and video are the best they can be.
  • I also blend into the background to capture those candid moments that couples miss…
  • I’m also told I’m a good story teller which comes across in the final edit. ?

Some really helpful tips from Matt there, and here’s where you can find out more about him and his work:

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