St Pauls Cathedral, London – Pre-Wedding Photography

St Pauls Cathedral, London – Pre-Wedding Photography

Who’d have thunk it, eh? One minute you’re walking through the centre of London surrounded by multitude of city-dwellers and tourists, and the next minute you’re standing under a tree with the sun on your back, next to one of the most iconic cathedrals in London.

That’s the beauty of London, and one of the reasons why I love living just down the road from our capital city (I’d love to live in London again, but when I win the lottery I’ll let you know…) 99% of the time you’re surrounded by people, but turn a corner and before you know it you’re in a sleepy side street, or standing under a tree with the sun on your back etc.

This is where Vicki, Richard and I found ourselves recently whilst photographing their fantastic pre-wedding photography session in and around St Paul’s Cathedral. We took some photos on Millennium Bridge, and then by St Paul’s Cathedral itself and the surrounding streets, and that’s when we found our little oasis of calm. The sun was perfectly placed, and for a moment we were whisked away to England’s picturesque countryside…

By the way, I recently had the great pleasure in photographing Vicki and Richard’s wedding too in Amersham (another place I’d love to live in, but again, still waiting for those lucky numbers to come in…) Those photographs will be on the blog soon, but until then, bask yourself in the warm glow of Vicki & Richard’s love in the sunshine…

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