Alex & Gary Sneak Peek! | The Talbot, Woking, Surrey

“Out of adversity comes opportunity”

Apparently, Benjamin Franklin once said this. Oh, how I could have done with him being in the passenger seat of my car when the flipping thing wouldn’t start yesterday morning. Roughly around an hour before I was due at Alex & Gary’s wedding at The Talbot in Woking, Surrey, in fact.

So, one rather expensive Uber trip later and I arrived on time. Panic over.

My aim for the day was not only to capture some amazing photographs, but to take advantage of the rain and create one photo in particular that would make all the hassle worthwhile. So later in the day I set up a couple of flashes, and you’ll see the result below. Hopefully it was worth it.

A massive thanks to Alex and Gary for being brilliant company and for allowing me to drag them out into the rain to take the aforementioned photo. You’re both absolutely gorgeous, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

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