It’s All About The Emotion

The venue? Important. The Dress? Vital also. Flowers? Oh yes. All these elements of a wedding are important, especially from a “I-must-make-sure-I-take-a-photograph-of-that!” perspective. However, the most essential part of the wedding day? That would have to be the emotions.

Let’s face it, weddings are chock-full of emotions. From the nervous anticipation of the groom awaiting the imminent arrival of his bride, to the tear-filled eyes of a father giving his daughter away. The day is packed with them, and it’s a real honour for me to be there to capture these emotions. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but being a wedding photographer is an enormous privilege, as I’m an honorary friend / member of the family for the day. I’m given unprecedented access to the couple’s inner circle, and I’m allowed to witness the most wonderful day of their lives. And that makes me feel very emotional indeed.

De Vere Selsdon Estate Wedding Photography

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