Isabella Plantation – London Pre-Wedding Photography

Storm Brian. Honestly, if ever there was a rubbish name for a storm, this was it. Especially taking into account the damage it caused…anyway, you’re probably asking yourself, “What relevance does the somewhat pathetically-named Storm Brian have to do with this rather fetching pre-wedding photo session in Isabella Plantation, a charming location tucked away in the corner of Richmond Park in London?” Well, I’ll tell you…

I met Dan and Charlotte bright and early in readiness for their pre-wedding session, although the weather was firmly at the back of our minds. The aforementioned storm had been forecast to hit southeast England at around midday, so we knew we were definitely up against it as far as time was concerned.

We really needn’t have worried. Okay, the wind picked up a little towards the end of the session, but to be honest with you we couldn’t have wished for a nicer morning. The light was absolutely gorgeous. I mean, look at the fifth photo in this collection, and the way the light bathes the back and sides of Dan and Charlotte’s heads…sigh…of course, being extremely photogenic certainly doesn’t do them any harm either…!

A quick word about the Isabella Plantation. I’ve visited Richmond Park many times, but was completely unaware that this section of the park even existed. I’m always looking for new photo locations for my pre-wedding couples, so was thrilled to stumble across this beautiful area of London. It’s actually a Victorian woodland 40 acre garden, first planted in the 1830’s, in case you didn’t know. If you’re in that neck of the woods, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Anyway, here are some of the best photographs from the session – enjoy!

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